We offer training sessions every Wednesday at the main building of the USC. The sessions are split into two levels: Beginner and Advanced. It is not necessary to sign-up, you can simply come to the training and experience it firsthand. It is possible to borrow rackets from us free of charge. We will also provide you with plastic shuttles.

You are allowed to participate in 2 trial trainings before we ask you to commit to a club membership (see Contribution). This way you can take your time to decide whether badminton (and our club) is something for you!

Our coach: Marcel


Beginner training (20:00-21:00)

If you are completely new to badminton or do not have a lot of experience and want to learn the basics of the sport, this training is for you! The main focus will lie on footwork and basic strokes. You will learn different patterns like the “butterfly” and “parachute”, which will greatly improve your strokes and stamina. After the training you can stay until 23:00 for free-play (note that 3 of the fields will be reserved for advanced training, so you might have to rotate).

Advanced training (21:00-22:00)

If you are more experienced in badminton you are welcome to join the advanced training, where we focus more on consistency, stamina and tactics. If you think you qualify for this training, you can always try it out, but our trainer will decide if you can participate in this training or if the beginner training is a better fit for you.

Free-play (22:00-23:00)

After the training sessions everyone is welcome to participate in free-play. Afterwards we often grab a few drinks in the cafeteria, you are always welcome to join us!